wjcon n 145

Hi! Today a review.
Lot of people liked that nail polish, so I want you to know my opinion.

Wjcon n 145

I like it a lot.
The color is fantastic and I needed only two coats
(the second one wasn't necessary at all).
When you pass that nail polish, immediately it becames homogeneous.
That's why you need few coats.
It dries quickly and I'm happy of it.
It lasted in five-six days (and for me it is a lot), so I would buy it again.
My review is positive, so here's votes

  • color: 5/5
  • drying: 4-/5
  • duration: 4/5
  • coats: 5-/5
vote: 4.4/5


This week-end I did a new nail art for a contest.
I hope you like it.
I leave the video here.
Tell me your opinion please!!!


Pink-ing of you by O.P.I.

Today I want to show you that nail polish:

Pink-ing of you by O.P.I.

I like the color, but i wouldn't buy it again.
I needed three or four coats to cover all the nail and have an homogeneous color.
it dries really slowly (because of coats you need, probably).
A positive aspect is that it last more than other nail polish i have (but it is not the best).
As I said before, I wouldn't buy it again also because it costs a lot,
and I think I can find a similar one, cheaper and better.
If I will find it, I will make you know =)

  • color: 4.5/5
  • drying: 2/5
  • duration: 4/5
  • coats: 1/5
(vote: 2.9/5)

Where I used it? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cXy7uKQx0sg


layla ceramic effect n 24

it is a long time i don't look at my blog
and now i decided to start with a new post.
today a swatch!

nail polish:
layla ceramic effect n 24

it dries really fast and i appreciated that,
but i needed two or even three coats.
it spoiled in three/four day.
i think it is a beautiful color and i counsel it if you like it
and if you want something particular.

  • color: 4.5/5
  • drying: 4.5/5
  • duration: 3/5
  • coats: 3/5