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Hello girls!
It is more than a week that I did not realize nail arts, but I have a good reasonsometimes nails have to remain without polish. Also, I have to solve a small problem,and I can not solve it if I polish continually them. So forgive me.
Today I want to tell you about the new French manicure pens by Kiko.
It is a product that came out a long, costs € 8.90 and you can find in stores or on [the website]. Here is the color palette, with various possible combinations.

I must say that at first, just heard the news, I was interested in the product, but until yesterday had not yet been able to prove it.
Yesterday I was near a kiko store and I could not resist.
What the conclusions about this product are?
I can not say I really tried them as I should, but I am disappointed and fortunately I did not buy.
The nib is the same as an indestructible and the effect is not very different. In addition to the stretch is a steady hand, so does not resolve the problem ofsmearing that often occurs using the polish. positive expectation is that the drying is almost instantaneous. I do not know if life is good or not, precisely because I have not testedGirls, believe me, do not waste your money buying all the pens, if you want to try them, but only your favorite color. But for € 8.90, I think it is cheaper to buy the enamel to 2.50  and rather wait a little more for drying.

I hope that this helped.
See you soon with a new nail art!



 Salve a tutte ragazze! 
E' più di una settimana che non realizzo nail art, ma ho un buon motivo: ogni tanto le unghie DEVONO rimanere senza smalto. Inoltre, devo risolvere un piccolo problema, che non posso risolvere se le ricopro continuamente di smalto. Quindi perdonatemi.

Oggi voglio parlarvi delle nuove penne per il french manicure della kiko.
E' un prodotto che non è uscito da molto, costa 8,90 € e lo potete trovare nei negozi o sul [sito web]. Ecco la tavolozza colori, con i vari abbinamenti possibili.

Devo dire che all'inizio, appena sentita la notizia, mi sono interessata al prodotto, ma fino a ieri non avevo ancora avuto modo di provarlo.
Mi sono trovata casualmente vicino ad un negozio kiko e non ho saputo resistere.

Quali sono le conclusioni riguardo a questo prodotto?
Non posso dire di averlo veramente provato come si deve, però sono rimasta alquando delusa e fortunatamente non l'ho comprato. 
Il pennino è uguale a quello di un indelebile e l'effetto non è molto diverso. Inoltre per il tratto serve una mano ferma, quindi non viene risolto il problema delle sbavature che spesso si verifica usando lo smalto. Un'aspetto positivo è l'asciugatura che è quasi istantanea. Non so se la durata è ottima o no, perchè appunto non l'ho testato.
Ragazze, credetemi, non sprecate i vostri soldi comprando tutte le penne, se volevo provarla acquistatene una del vostro colore preferito. Ma per 8,90€ , secondo me è più conveniente comprare lo smalto a 2,50€ e piuttosto aspettare un po' per l'asciugatura.

Spero che vi sia stata utile.

A presto con una nuova nail art!


Eyeko: nail polish LIMITED EDITION!


 Eyeko nail polishes are limited edition these days!
Take advantage and go on the website (HERE) to stock up!
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Here the page where you can find nail polishes:


eyeko: gift of the week!

I'm writing to tell you
What this week eyeko gift is!
I talked about it some days ago (see the post here ), and today you have the chance to try it FREE!

Pick up a FREE Eyeko Graffiti Eyeliner when you spend over £15/€18/$20 and use my Ambassador code E15726 at the checkout.  www.eyeko.com

And have a look also on the sales page! 
A lot of incredible offers is waiting for you!


Eyeko Graffiti Eyeliner Pen

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[ Take a look on the right if you want to know what it is, or visit the site  http://www.eyeko.com/  ]   **

Today I want you to see that fabolous product:

Eyeko says: For fool proof eyeliner dot across the upper lid as close to the lashes as possible then simply join the dots! Wing it, flick it, have fun with it! Team with lashings of Eyeko Magic Mascara for a flirtatious flutter!

My mom was searching for a new eyeliner because the chanel one is too expensive.
So I proposed to buy this one.
We choose two colors: Black and Navy Blue.

Unfortunately the second one has been open for days and days...without that we knew it.
That is why the color I will show you later isn't the real one, but I wanted you to see it anyway.
If you look at the picture, the color that you see on it is the same.

So let's start!

I love that product and it is a good and inexpensive ( 6.50€ ) choice compared to many other famous brands of eyeliner on the marked, and the packaging is nice.
The brush is super easy to use and the line is very precise.
I used that eyeliner lots of time this month and also with that hot weather it lasted long and at the end of the night it was still perfect.

I only have one thing to say against this product, but I've found it with all the eyeliner that I tried. 
If the line is too big and 'slam' against the upper eyelid,it will fall and fades. .. but I do not think that many of you apply eyeliner in this way and I hope it is just because of sweat.

I leave here some photos.

Anyway, it is a great product and if you don't believe me, try it yourself.

**   As always remember that if you use my ambassador code (  E15726  ) at the checkout, you will receive a free gift that changes every week!! [ Take a look on the right if you want to know what it is, or visit the site  http://www.eyeko.com/  ]   **

For now I leave you with this review
but tomorrow night I'm going to upload the tutorial of the new nail art that I made yesterday!

Bye and thank you for your support!!


Simplicity is the glory of expression...

During last week, I realized a new nail art.
I know it is not elaborated, 
but I think that it is so beautiful because it is simple.
That is the reason why of his name.

It is perfect for summer and easy to do.

So girls, I hope you like it!!


eyeko london lips Promise Hill

I know it is more than a week I don't add a post on my blog, but I have been busy.
My holiday at the seaside is finished and I enjoied it.

But let's return to my real intent.
I have others eyeko products to make you see, and today it is the time for another lip gloss.

It is called

Eyeko London Lips : Promise Hill

"A pretty lilac shimmer for girls on the go. This suits-all shade is ultra flattering."

You can buy it here.

It is a color that can match every skin color because the effect that it does it only a shining one.
Even if it seems pigmented, on my lips it is not.



Anyway the particular aspect of it is that it has gold micro glitters that reflect light, and it is something wonderful.

As I said about the other lip gloss I have talked about, it hydrates a lot lips and lasts quite long.

I recommend it if you just a good lipgloss, perfect to use during the day, or also during the night if you don't want to be too flashy.

Remember to use my eyeko ambassador code  E15726   at the checkout to receive a free gift that change every week!