As you can see 
I have changed my blog background, writing and colors!
Now it is spring 
and so I wanted flowers and pink shades in it!
I hope you like the new blog aspect :)
Tell me if you have some suggestions!

I want also to thank all my followers! I couldn't belive you are so many!
thanks, thanks, thanks!!!

By the way, tomorrow I will do a new nail art :)
So stay tuned!


easter bunny nail art!

I know easter will be in more or less one month, but i was inspired!
Here my first easter nail art,
 using the kiko nail polish mentioned in the post before.
I hope you like it!!

Here's the tutorial:   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rEzRoZe3N9Y


kiko n 338 new collection

Today a swatch of another new kiko nail polish.
It is the n 338 called 'lavanda chiaro'

Wonderful, I think!! I love it, it is a beautiful color and I would buy it again!
It dries faster than other nail polishes and you need just two coats.
the duration is like the other kiko nail polishes, so a good one.
It is a wonderful product!

  • color: 5/5
  • drying: 4/5
  • duration: 4/5
  • coats: 4-/5
Final vote: 4+ / 5

I know that kiko opens also shops outside Italy,
so maybe you can buy those nail polishes soon! :)


kiko n 345 new collection

Hi girls!
last week kiko sold its new nail polish!!
i love all the new shades, but i bought only four of them.
I will wait for sales for other colors!
Here what i bought:

and today i will make you see the number 345 'verde giada'

I love the color, even if it is similar to layla ceramic effect n 24, but I prefear this one.
I needed two coats and not a long time to dry.
it is four days I have it on my nails and it is not broken, so i appreciate the duration.
it doesn't cost a lot and it is an aspect I appreciate =)
So my rewiew is positive!

  • color : 4.5/5
  • drying: 4/5
  • duration: 4/5
  • coats: 4-/5
VOTE (4/5)

Please visit also my youtube channel to see the tutorial using this nail polish!


kiko n 299

Hi! I'm sorry for the absence, but my computer had some problems!
Now I'm here again and i want to show you

kiko n 299

I love this color because it is not a simple blue, but it changes when light changes.
It has also some microglitters inside and with a brilliant top coat it becomes beautiful.
it is a kiko nail polish, so it doesn't dry too quickly.
I needed two coats and so it is okay.
Kiko nail polishes don't last lots of days, I'm lucky if I can have them 5 days (with top coat).
So here my votes:

  • color: 5/5
  • drying: 3.5/5
  • duration: 3/5
  • coats: 4-/5
vote : 4-/5