kiko n 340

Swatch and rewiew.

nail polish:  kiko n 340

First of all I like the color, but it is not as I expected. 
I thought it was lighter, anyway it is a cool color for summer.
Now kiko nail polishes are on sale, so buy yours favourites!! 
As concearn coats, i needed 2, and only one in some nails. It is a good result!
Also the driing is good, as all new kiko nail polishes I have tried till now, but i don't like the duration.
It is already damaged after 3 days, but i will try it again to be sure of it.

  • color:      4- / 5
  • driing:     4 / 5
  • duration:    3 / 5
  • coats:    4 / 5    
VOTE    (  4 - /  5  )

In a little time I will post a nail art done with that nail polish as a base :)


Per le blogger italiane.  Ho ricevuto 2 giorni fa gli smalti del contest O.P.I.!!
Non vedo l'ora di vedere i vostri lavori!
Buon lavoro e buona fortuna a tutte!!!



Qualche giorno fa, come tante blogger italiane,
ho inviato la richiesta per partecipare al concorso
dell' opi italia su facebook e...
L'hanno accettata!
PEr cui tra qualche giorno avrò i prodotti da recensire!
Se volete partecipare il limite per mandare la mail è domenica 1 maggio, 
scusate se non l'ho detto prima, ma ne sono venuta a conoscenza solo pochi giorni fa!

A presto! E in bocca al lupo a tutte le partecipanti!!


n 216 by kiko

I hope you passed a beautiful week-end!
Today i want to show you a nice nail polish color similar to Pinking of you by O.P.I

I'm talking about the 216 by kiko
(the photo doesn't not show the real color, but i didn't have the right light the day I do it)

As you know I love kiko nail polishes, and I love also pastel colors (in particular pinks!).
I think it is better than the O.P.I. one for lots of reasons. At first it costs less!
The bottle is smaller, but who uses a whole bottle of nail polish in a little time?
The color is more particular than the O.P.I. one because it has little sparkles that make it best.
Also the driing time is better, even if I found better nail polishes that dry faster. But it is not so bad. If you use more coats with less products you may have to wait just an hour or maybe a little more.
I used two and three coats on some nails and I think it is a good result for a light and pastel color and I had it on my nails for more or less five-six days.
I am really happy for this product because I can use the nail polish I want without being worried at night to damage it XD

  • color:     5- / 5
  • driing:     3.5 / 5
  • duration   4 / 5
  • coats:    3.5 / 5

( 4 / 5)



I want to wish you...


i'm back!

it is a long time i don't come here.
I'm sorry.
But i promise i will upload my blog in those days ^^
so, see you soon!