kiko n 317

Today I am going to go to the seaside for more or less 4 days.
I come back saturday night and I don't want to leave the blog before writing a post.

So today I want to show you a new nail polish by the new kiko collection (even if it came out some monthes ago).

It is kiko n 317.

As all kiko nail polishes I like the color and it change with light. Sometime it seems like a liver color, while other times it looks like dark red wine.
As all new kiko nail polishes it dries fast and you need just two coats.
I liked also the duration, indeed it was damaged only after five days.

  • color:   4.5   /   5
  • duration:    4  -  /   5
  • driing:     4.5    /   5
  • coats:    4   /   5

VOTE   (    4   +   /    5   )

As always I hope you liked my review.

I wish you a good week-end!!


chance chanel...eau fraiche

Here the tutorial I have promised you today!!

I hope you like it!!

New design

Hi dear freinds!

Two days ago, summer started.
That is why I wanted to change my blog design.
I hope you like it and I want to announce that
I will upload a new nail art tutorial soon...









a wise old owl sat on an oak.

Here a new nail art.
I uploaded the tutorial yesterday night and here the post.
I hope you like it.
I don't think it is perfect for summer for the colors, but I would wear it during autumn or maybe winter.

Here the tutorial and some photos.


Eyeko lilac polish

Hi everyone!

Two days ago I promised you I would have done a review about


You can buy it HERE, and if you use my ambassador code at the checkout  (  E15726 ) you will receive a free gift.

flash light
natural light

I choose that color because I didn't have a similar one, but probably I will buy others in the future because I think those nail polish are good.

I love the color, it dries fast and lasts long, more or less six days without top coat.
What I liked less is the number of coats used.

From right to left I have used one, two and three coats.
As you can see the first one is almost transparent, but the color changes a lot after the second.
You can use just two coats to have an acceptable look, but I recommend three coats because the color appears more visible and beautiful as you can see.

It is strange to find good nail polishes at low price (5€), that is why I recommend that nail polish to you.

  • color:      5   / 5
  • duration:     4.5  /  5
  • driing:      4.5  /  5
  • coat:     3.5   /  5
VOTE    (   4.5   /   5   )


it is a secret garden...

Here a new nail art for you using one of eyeko nail polish in lilac shade.
Tomorrow or the day after I will write a review about it.

It is the first time I have used plates.
And if you want to realize a nail art faster, it is a good way!

So here it is what came out!


EYEKO : London Lips Shoreditch

Today I show you a different review.
As I have said in the post before, I have done an order at Eyeko.

If you want to buy something at Eyeko here my ambassador code E15726 , and you will receive a free gift!
Here it is the first product:

in limited edition.

It is a very pigmented lip gloss, it is a beautiful shade, don't be afraid on the site picture because on your lips it will be lighter and softer. I love it because it is a natural lip color, not too dark and it is perfect for every skin color.
But what I like more is the fact that it hydrates your lips a lot. I am very surprised about it.
I counseil it to you. The price is not so low (7€) , but the relation between quality and price is very good.
Here I leave some pictures of it: