Happy new year!

I don't own the picture, visit her blog ^^

Happy new year!!

I want to thank you for being with me for all this year, and I hope you will stay with me also for the next one!
I wish I can blog more, only for you because that is the way in which I say 'thank you' to the ones that are following me here on my blog and on my youtube channel!

(I don't own these pictures, if one of them is yours, please tell it to me ;] )


christmas is coming...

Christmas is coming and I wanted you to see some beautiful nail art ideas for this fantastic holiday.
I don't know if I could make one, and I am very very sorry.

I hope you all are ok!

Marry Christmas to you all!

This one is very very cute, don't you think so?

(Photos aren't mine, I have found them on tumblr, google, deviantart, .... )