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Two days ago I promised you I would have done a review about


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flash light
natural light

I choose that color because I didn't have a similar one, but probably I will buy others in the future because I think those nail polish are good.

I love the color, it dries fast and lasts long, more or less six days without top coat.
What I liked less is the number of coats used.

From right to left I have used one, two and three coats.
As you can see the first one is almost transparent, but the color changes a lot after the second.
You can use just two coats to have an acceptable look, but I recommend three coats because the color appears more visible and beautiful as you can see.

It is strange to find good nail polishes at low price (5€), that is why I recommend that nail polish to you.

  • color:      5   / 5
  • duration:     4.5  /  5
  • driing:      4.5  /  5
  • coat:     3.5   /  5
VOTE    (   4.5   /   5   )

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  2. il colore è adorabile però rende al meglio solo dopo un paio di passate!!! =D
    se ti va passa a trovarmi! baci

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