"A mask of gold hides all deformities" + kiko n 318

Good afternoon fans! 
Yesterday I told you about that post, and as promised, here it is.Do not get excited this time because this nail art, if we can really define it like this, is nothing special. It is a simple colored French done with ​​a particular shade of purple nail polish and gold. 
This idea came in my mind when I realized that the purple nail polish was ruined on the nails tips nail and so I couldn't  use it as a base for nail art I had in mind.
 And I covered the bad things with a little 'gold nail polish.
 that is the reason why of the title of the post. 

Here the items used:

One of the color I used as a base is kiko n 318.  And here it is the review of this product.
The color, like the nail polishes of the last collection is very particular and not everyone could like it according to tastes. 
I love it personally! 
Drying is very fast and the writing is good. 
About pigmentation, I used two bases of nail polish. The duration is good, even if the tip of the nail is ruined after a few days.

  • COLOR:          4.5  /  5
  • DURATION:   3.5  /  5
  • DRIING:          4.5  /  5 
  • COATS:          3.5  /  5

VOTE       (   4  /  5   )

See you soon and have a good day!

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  1. Ciao carissima, che belle unghie e che bella french, sei bravissima!

    Grazie per partecipare al mio giveaway e complimenti per il tuo bellissimo blog!


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