think pink! (nail art)

I cannot remember the last time I have done a nail art!
So I hope you are glad to see my works again!
I hope to upload another tutorial very soon, but please forgive me, I am busy with the exams and I haven't got enough time to do everything :)

Today I want to show you this new nail art, that I named 'Think pink'...you can understand why!
I have used only three colors: Pink, a crackle fuxia and gold glitters. It is very easy to do.
First, you should apply a base coat ( I always use O.P.I.'s nail hardner), then use a soft pink shade.
I hope you have a crackle nail art (now you can find kiko's nail polishes on sale! And they have lots of colors) because you should apply it on one of your nail (if you want you can cover all your nails, but I don't like it at all). Then use gold glitters and do a stripe, and lastly use a top coat.
I hope you like it!

I haven't uploaded a video on my youtube channel because this nail art is too easy and you need only few steps!

See you soon.

( P.S.  I'm sorry for my english )

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  1. nice paint nails


  2. This is one of my favourite posts of yours. And I gotta say, I love your blog.
    Follow each other? Already am! :)


  3. hi:) your nails so cute:)
    i follow you.

    my nails and DIYs -----> gkdone.blogspot.com

    follow me plz.

  4. Your nails look amazing and so girly!!


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