kiko n 338 new collection

Today a swatch of another new kiko nail polish.
It is the n 338 called 'lavanda chiaro'

Wonderful, I think!! I love it, it is a beautiful color and I would buy it again!
It dries faster than other nail polishes and you need just two coats.
the duration is like the other kiko nail polishes, so a good one.
It is a wonderful product!

  • color: 5/5
  • drying: 4/5
  • duration: 4/5
  • coats: 4-/5
Final vote: 4+ / 5

I know that kiko opens also shops outside Italy,
so maybe you can buy those nail polishes soon! :)

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  1. This is fantastic! I'm such a huge fan of nail polish, I love that your reviewing them!
    Definitely following your blog, doll!

  2. nice colour!



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