Nail art || I believe in pink...and glitters of course!

I haven't been able to publish this for s. Valentine day, but I wanted you to see this nail art anyway.
I hope you like it and follow the steps below to reproduce it!

1. Start with a base coat and then use a light pink nail color.
2. Follow the design I have done, you have to create a "wave pattern" with a darker color and I have choseen a dark pink (more similar to purple).
3. Use silver glitters on the dark pink color.
4 - 5 . Do some dots ,as you can see in the picture, with dark and light pink. If you don't have a dotter, you can use a pencil.
6. Use top coat to finish the nail art.

See you soon!

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  1. Ooh, must try this out! Thanks for sharing.

    xo from NY


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